«Je ne veux pas gagner ma vie, je l’ai.» Boris Vian, L'écume des jours


about cinema

Cornelia Parker, The Maybe, 1995, Installation at the Serpentine Gallery, London. via We find wildness
This is (just an extract) what Tilda Swinton told her 8 1/2 year old boy in a letter, when he asked her about cinema: Like all great states, it is a state of mind, borderless and with no policy of exclusion or deportation. It does not pretend to be united. It doesn’t even claim to be civilised. It does not sell its policy of freedom with the small print of enforcement, is not evangelical, hierarchical, meritocratic... No known address. No visa required.

Nachwort 2013: Und jetzt Tilda im MoMa in New York. Schlafen für die Kunst?

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