«Je ne veux pas gagner ma vie, je l’ai.» Boris Vian, L'écume des jours



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People keep what they really feel, their private thoughts, to themselves. They don't have time for their private thoughts. They have the capacity to love, but it's too much time and trouble, so they just ignore it. It's all bottled up. We're in a society that hates emotions. They are rejected as being anti-intellectual, anti-political, anti-everything. We're animals with brains. People all over the world have inherited the disease, firstly of feeling that money is the answer to their lives' problems and then secondly that intellectualism is an answer to their problems. We need to stop intellectualizing so much and rely on what you feel. If you feel something, it's true. The only truth you can really know is something emotional that you feel. When we loose our instincts for truth, we have nothing.
John Cassavetes, via Letter to Jane

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